Custom Water Bags at Hudson Poly Bag

Custom water bags are a specialty at Hudson Poly Bag, and we have an excellent reputation for high quality poly bags that do not leak. The success of our water bags is due to two reasons, a proprietary material blend and a specific poly bag manufacturing technique in our extrusion and bag making processes. We deliver our bags on time, on spec and on price. We simply do what we say that we will do.

We developed our proprietary blend of material in the mid-nineties, due to major supply changes for EVA. EVA was widely used for this purpose and for freezer bags, but our supplier abruptly announced that they were discontinuing manufacturing EVA resins. They had been supplying the market with 30 million pounds annually. We contacted other resin companies, and eventually developed our current blend after some trial and error efforts.

Approximately 40% of our annual sales utilize this technology. This is spread across a number of end markets including fish bags, gel packs, instant hot/cold disposable packs, food packaging, medical packaging and packaging of environmentally sensitive chemicals. Some of these products are tested to 300 psi after filling, to insure the leakproof properties.

Hudson Poly Bags supplies water bags to Fish MartIf you would like to learn more about this approach to water bags, you can learn about a real life example by reading about one of our customer’s experiences. Click on the logo to read about Fish Mart.

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Water Bag for Gel Pack

HPB Lab Data Results

Lab data comparing our HP-275 blend to LDPE/EVA blends can be found on our Lab Data page.

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