Custom Tape Seal Poly Bags (Lip and Tape) at Hudson Poly Bag

Hudson Poly Bag provides the marketplace with custom tape seal poly bags for many applications. These are offered in two main styles, resealable and permanent (tamper evident), and are manufactured in LDPE, HDPE or polypropylene (PP), plain or custom printed up to 4 colors. Tape seal poly bags are available in just about any size and mil thickness you could want. We deliver on time, on spec and on price. We simply do what we say that we will do.


The resealable style tape is available in a retail version, where the package is expected to be subject to the re-closing activity only a few times. It is also available in a courier version, where the re-closing activity is expected to occur quite a few times. Both styles are available in two different widths of tape and liner. By sharing your specific application, our customer service personnel can guide you to the best selection to obtain the proper performance at the best price.


The permanent style tape is for tamper evident poly bags. After the poly bag is sealed, in order to open the poly bag, the film must be ripped or other structural damage must occur, which makes it obvious that the package was tampered with.
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Custom Tape Seal Poly Bags provided by Hudson Poly Bag

Tamper Evident Poly Bag, Shown Sealed Above, and Empty Below