Police Evidence Bags & Personal Property Protection

Police Evidence Bags

You need to protect the evidence that your department collects at a crime scene, using Police Evidence Bags. Improperly protected or lost evidence can impact the outcome of a prosecution, and it may lead to the wrong conclusion by a judge and jury.

Our evidence bags make it easy for your department to document the evidence until it is used in trial. The printed section includes space for logging the chain of possession of evidence, the case number, suspect, victim and evidence description.
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Personal Property Bags

Those in your temporary custody deserve to have their personal property protected during incarceration. You need to ensure an accurate record of personal belongings to avoid disputes, and some personal property may become evidence in a crime.

Our personal property bags include a printed “form” right on the bag for the purpose of documenting personal belongings and the prisoner must sign the bag to acknowledge the accurate documentation of the bag’s contents. Any ball-point pen can be used for writing legibly on the bag.
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Two Styles are Available…

Station House Style – Heat Seal

These economical bags in two popular sizes are manufactured for use in a police station where access to electricity is at your fingertips. This style requires a heat sealer to properly seal the bags after the Evidence or Personal Property has been placed in the bags.

Field Expedient Style – Tape Seal

For convenient field use, nothing beats a tape seal bag. A permanent tape seal feature allows a tamper evident closure after the contents have been placed in the bags. These bags are ideal for officials requiring maximum versatility.

Custom Options

Hudson Poly Bag, Inc. has been providing evidence and personal property bags to law enforcement agencies for 35 years. We offer three stock size bags that are available with or without custom printing, and we can manufacture custom sizes to meet the unique needs of your department. Our custom options include printing your Department Information on all of our Evidence or Personal Property Bags, on all styles, for a one-time plate charge. Please contact us for a current quote.
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Hudson Poly Bag has been providing ploice evidence bags to law enforcement agencies for 35 years

Hudson Poly Bag has been providing evidence and personal property bags for 35 years