Custom Printed Merchandise Poly Bags

Hudson Poly Bag has been producing Merchandise Poly Bags for our customers for years. When our customer wants the poly bag to look good, be on time and an affordable price, Hudson Poly Bag has consistently been the answer. We simply do what we say that we will do.

Hudson Poly Bag’s custom printed Merchandise Bags are the alternative to the paper bags or stock Thank You bags imported from Asia and elsewhere. Many merchants like to have their name, logo, address, telephone number and web site on the bag that the customer is leaving the store with. It is an effective advertising medium. If the merchant’s store is in an enclosed or strip mall, perhaps people will see the Merchandise Bag and increase brand recognition of the store.

There are many things to consider when purchasing Merchandise Bags, such as the weight of the items going into the Merchandise Bags, the sizes of the items going into the Merchandise Bags and the “look” of the Merchandise Bags. Hudson Poly Bag can help with those decisions.

Merchandise Poly Bags have customer name, logo, address, telephone number and web site printed on the poly bag.

Hudson Poly merchandise poly bags are an effective advertising medium

There are several options to consider for a Merchandise Bag, and Hudson Poly Bag can incorporate these into the customer’s design. Options include:

    Bags can be produced in low density, high density polyethylene or polypropylene (very high clarity)
    Bags can be clear, frosty, white or in a custom color (bag is pre-colored)
    Die Cut Handle Holes – bags are available with or without this feature
    Fold-over die cut handles (2 ply per side)
    Bottom gussets or flat bottom
    Printing on one or two sides of the poly bags
    Up to 4 color printing with a wide selection of stock inks

And yes, Hudson Poly Bag will manufacture short runs!

We will also assist you with converting your artwork into a print proof and printing plates. The printing plates are a one-time purchase; we maintain the plates for as long as you continue to purchase bags from us – at no additional cost to you.

Before we start, Hudson Poly Bag will provide a firm quotation, including the printing plate costs and a print proof so you know what the bag will look like.
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We invite you to discuss with us the various options, so that you can choose what is best for you. Samples are readily available.

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