Our Specialized Resins and Techniques Mean Improved Poly Extrusion Quality

Our proprietary blend of resins, coupled with a specialized processing technique has vastly improved the performance of our poly bags and roll stock over the LDPE/EVA and HDPE blends in the marketplace.

For proof, please examine the lab data.

Test TypeUnit of MeasureGrade & Gauge Tested
LDPE/EVA @.004
Test Result
Grade & Gauge Tested
HP-275 @ .0035
Test Result
In Strength
Dart Impactgrams / 26" drop2047573.711
Tear StrengthAcross tube(TD)/grams105616961.606
Tear StrengthAlong tube (MD)/ grams640474.741
Tensile StrengthAcross Tube(TD)238039201.647
Tensile StrengthAlong Tube (MD)279538301.370
Tensile % ElongationAcross Tube (TD)85010901.282
Tensile % ElongationAlong Tube (MD)7708101.052
Secant ModulusAcross Tube (TD)3.673.951.076
Secant ModulusAlong Tube (MD)2.753.031.102