Poly Extrusion Services at Hudson Poly

Our Poly Extrusion operation serves two different marketplaces.


As a producer of poly bags, Hudson Poly Bag obviously must depend upon its internal poly extrusion capabilities of 5 blown film lines to produce the film for its printing and poly bag manufacturing. By having our own extrusion department, we can control our own deliveries by not having to wait for purchased film to be delivered. This allows us to meet our goals of being on time, on spec and on price. We simply do what we say that we will do.


The Extrusion operation also has a specialty of narrow width poly tubing for a different set of mainly external customers. We routinely extrude as narrow as 1 inch poly tubing and as large as 30 inch poly tubing. If you have an inline packaging requirement for machine grade poly tubing or center fold, contact us for a quote. We can also print in-line on our extruders up to a 10 inch copy of random repeat.

It All Starts Here

In either case, the quality of the poly bag or the poly tubing roll stock starts in the Extrusion operation. It all starts here; if it isn’t up to snuff here, it will be reflected in the finished product. This is why we put so much emphasis on the quality and performance of the blown film. Quality film makes quality poly bags!

At Hudson Poly Bag, we extrude both HDPE and LDPE standard packaging grade films for everyday performance criteria. But, if you need high performance properties in your poly bags or poly tubing roll stock, then you have come to the right place!

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Hudson Poly Extrusion Operation for quality poly bags

HPB Lab Data Results

Our proprietary blend of resins, coupled with a specialized processing technique has vastly improved the performance of our poly bags and roll stock over the LDPE/EVA and HDPE blends in the marketplace.

For proof, please examine the accompanying lab data.

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