Poly Bags Delivered to Generosity Feeds

Hudson Poly Bag Delivers Custom Printed Polyethylene Bags for packaged meals to Generosity Feeds.

Hudson, MA – 11/23/12 – Hudson Poly Bag recently delivered 30,000 polyethylene bags to Generosity::Feeds, an initiative of the Replenish Community Foundation. The poly bags were used at an event where tens of thousands of meals were assembled and packaged for needy children who would otherwise go hungry.
Generosity::Feeds holds events at which hundreds of people get together to package and feed children here in the USA, who go hungry outside of school hours.

Hudson Poly Bag’s custom printed Merchandise Bags are the alternative to the paper bags or stock

In a few hours, thousands of meals are assembled and packaged by volunteers at a church, community center or workplace. This helps the community to decrease the effects of child hunger, by packaging and providing nutritious and delicious meals, while offering an opportunity to build relationships and generosity in the Community.

Ron Klabunde – Generosity::Feeds, CEO made the following comments:

“The event was incredible. We had over 600 volunteers who packaged 30,000 meals in 2 hours. The meals have been given to local schools to feed children who go hungry outside schools hours.

I appreciate the role you are playing.

Hudson Poly provides exceptional service. Their staff responsiveness is exceptional and ability to meet client needs is unmatched. We are grateful for our business relationship with them and look forward to seeing how it continues to develop.”

You can see some pictures here… http://www.facebook.com/GenerosityFeeds

The poly bags provided by Hudson Poly were 6”x7” 3 mil white polyethylene bags printed one color on one side. This is the latest of several orders and additional orders are currently in process.

Bill Renwick, President of Hudson Poly Bag had the following comment:

“Hudson Poly Bag has been producing custom plain, printed polyethylene and polypropylene bags for our customers for 48 years. When our customer wants the poly bag to look good, be on time and at an affordable price, Hudson Poly Bag has consistently been the answer. We simply do what we say that we will do.”

Locally produced poly bags are a good alternative to paper bags or stock bags produced outside the USA. The film options available include FDA approved low-density or high-density polyethylene and polypropylene. Our film and poly bags can also be provided with antistatic properties, in various film colors and styles including gusseted, die cut handles, tape seal, wicketed and ziplocks. Film and poly bags can be provided plain or custom printed utilizing our flexographic print capabilities. Hudson Poly Bag’s capabilities and experience ensures that the right configuration of poly bag will be delivered for the right application on the date promised.

Since Hudson Poly Bag extrudes film, prints and converts poly bags in house they can manufacture short runs and provide quick turnaround to meet the needs of their customers.

About Hudson Poly Bag
Founded in 1964, Hudson Poly Bag has been in its present location since 1968. The core competencies of Hudson Poly Bag are extrusion of polyethylene film, flexographic printing and poly bag manufacturing. Hudson Poly Bag sells primarily via a business-to-business approach, both direct and through distributors. A small retail area is maintained for local walk in customers.

The company maintains a record of 99.5% on-time deliveries, 0.3% or less quality returns and a statistically nonexistent error rate for billing. It prides itself on being on time, on spec and on price.

For more information contact us at 800 229 7566