Custom Poly Bag, Fast Turn Case Study

Custom Poly Bags Supplied to S-N-S Consulting with Very Fast Turnaround.

S-N-S Consulting recently became a customer of Hudson Poly Bag. Having found Hudson Poly via their website at, S-N-S Consulting requested help with respect to custom poly bag specifications, fast turnaround samples and a rush delivery requirement.

S-N-S Consulting had a new application that required custom poly bags to provide a specific moisture barrier for their product, but they were unsure of the size, thickness, or type of material to use.

Hudson Poly provided engineering consultation on a suitable material and the poly bag specifications, provided samples to confirm the bags would work for the customer, and shipped the custom poly bags to allow S-N-S Consulting to meet their deadline.

Below is a timeline of the interactions between Hudson Poly Bag and S-N-S Consulting from start to finish.


Day 1:  S-N-S Consulting approached Hudson Poly Bag with a problem; they had a new application that required custom poly bags which provided a specific moisture barrier, but needed help in determining the specifications of the material.

Day 2:  Bill Renwick, owner of Hudson Poly Bag, responded with a quote and proposed specifications, including the WVTR (Water Vapor Transfer Rate) for the material recommended.

Day 3:  S-N-S Consulting made revisions to the poly bag size and requested a new quote. A quote with revised specifications was provided by Bill the same day.

Day 6:  Hudson Poly manufactured and shipped 100 machine-made samples, via UPS next day delivery, for testing by the customer.

Day 10:  S-N-S Consulting approved the samples and placed an order. Hudson Poly Bag processed the order, extruded the film, and converted the material into bags.

Day 15:  The bags were shipped on time and on spec, allowing S-N-S Consulting to meet their commitment to their customer.

Steve Williams, Owner of S-N-S Consulting, commented:

“We received the poly bags on time and they have worked out really well for us. We were able to ship to our customers on time and it was definitely helped by you delivering on time.

The quality of the bags have also been very good to date. We’ve tested them on a weekly basis over the last six weeks and have had good results.

Thank you for the really good customer service!”

Manufacturers of Custom Poly Bags, and providers of excellent customer service

Hudson Poly has been providing customers with quality custom poly bags and poly film at competitive prices. Hudson Poly Bag specializes in solving problems and happily offers engineering, technical and manufacturing support to help their customers achieve their goals, much like the example above.

Founded in 1964, Hudson Poly Bag has been in its present location since 1968. Hudson Poly Bag is basic in its three distinct processes: extrusion of film, printing, and bag making. Hudson Poly Bag sells primarily via a business-to-business approach, both direct and to distributors. A small retail area is maintained for local walk in customers.

Hudson Poly Bag maintains a record of 99.5% on-time deliveries, 0.3% or less quality returns and a statistically nonexistent error rate for billing. It prides itself on being on time, on spec and on price.

For more information about Hudson Poly Bag’s processes and commitment to customer service, please visit