Hudson Poly Bag Overview

Founded in 1964, Hudson Poly Bag has been in its present location since 1968. Hudson Poly Bag is basic in three distinct processes, extrusion of film, printing and bag making. Hudson Poly Bag sells primarily via a business-to-business approach, both direct and to distributors. A small retail area is maintained for local walk in customers.

The company maintains a record of 99.5% on-time deliveries, 0.3% or less quality returns and a statistically nonexistent error rate for billing. It prides itself on being on time, on spec and on price. We simply do what we say that we will do.

Products & Services

The overall business philosophy is to serve the specialized commodity markets. Hudson Poly Bag is not a “stock bag” manufacturer and manufacturers everything to meet their customers specifications. The main markets for Hudson Poly Bag consist of medical, food, retail, industrial packaging and many other specialty applications.

The company has a well-respected reputation for high quality products, reasonable prices and reliable deliveries. There are specialties in tight tolerance medical packaging, narrow width tubing (plain and printed), short run manufacturing availability, water bags (fish bags), antistatic bags or tubing (plain and printed), and Police Evidence and Personal Property bags.

Bag making capability is as small as 1” x 1” to extremely large bags. Printing capabilities are up to 4 colors, with one color in line printing capabilities on all seven of their extruders. Bag making equipment is all specialized for their customer base and manufactures bottom seal and sideweld styles. Thicknesses are available from .001 to .008”. Hudson Poly Bag extrudes its own various LDPE, LLDPE and HDPE grades and purchases PP for its manufacturing purposes. All materials are 100% FDA, 100% of the time, never any recycle content.

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Examples of the bag making styles available would include:

    Plain and printed, bottom seal and sideweld
    Side gussets or bottom gussets
    Reverse locking lips (foldover sandwich bag style)
    Bags with lips, lip and tape bags (permanent and resealable style)
    Punched holes (handle holes, vents, hang holes), Bags on wickets, Header sealed bags

Hudson Poly Bag, Inc. also carries a number of items for their customer’s convenience. These include trash bags, carton liners, gaylord liners, drum liners, and zip lock bags.

They make the bag to fit your product!
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