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Schott Fiber Optics of Southbridge, MA. is a well-known and respected producer of fiber optics for commercial and military applications. They are an acknowledged pioneer in their field and have become very successful in research and development aimed at converting its prowess in the defense industry into products suitable for commercial purposes.

If Schott’s characteristically smooth, soft and highly reflective lenses, protectors, covers and shielding devices are not packaged in appropriate materials, they may be scratched, abraded, or have a fine residue deposited on them during transportation to the end user.

During the late 1980s, Schott began to experience high rejection rates due to this type of damage while products were in transit. The cause of rejections was traced back to the plastic packaging used to prepare products for shipment.

An existing end customer of Schott’s informed Hudson Poly Bag of the problem that Schott was experiencing. As Hudson Poly Bag had successfully resolved a similar scratching problem for this customer and had become its primary supplier of flexible plastic packaging materials, we contacted Schott and scheduled a plant visit.

During that visit and in subsequent discussions, Hudson Poly Bag made suggestions with regard to changing the grade of plastic material used, eliminating a prepackaging protective wrap and a post packing cleaning of environmentally unfriendly materials.

It was explained that Hudson Poly Bag manufactures a grade of polyethylene that does not scratch or abrade fiber optic materials. Samples of the material used by the referring customer were provided. Hudson Poly Bag offered, and Schott accepted, a limited production evaluation order. Hudson Poly Bag performed better than promised. We were able to provide faster turn around times, lower minimum order quantities, eliminate the foreign residue on Schott’s parts, reduce scratching and abrading to almost nothing, and drastically cut rejection rates by end users.

The added benefit was that Hudson Poly Bag was able to help Schott reduce operating expense by eliminating unnecessary manufacturing and packing costs. Schott’s experience with Hudson Poly Bag has pleased its management so much so that they have gone out of their way to actively recommended Hudson Poly Bag to associated firms.

This relationship continues today with continued new customer additions from Schott’s recommendations.

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