Millipore Corporation of Bedford, MA. is a Fortune 500 company and is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of filters used to purify human body fluids and blood. Some of Millipore’s products are used in kidney dialysis and during open-heart surgery. Because their filters may be used in critical medical applications, Millipore management pays strict attention to cleanliness and safety measures in the company’s manufacturing processes and the packaging of their products.

Most of Millipore’s customers perform an inspection of a filter before it is removed from its protective packaging. Visual contamination is cause for immediate rejection and return to Millipore.

In the mid 1970s, Millipore was experiencing very high customer rejection rates for some of its products due to visual contaminants caused by the plastic packaging being used. After contacting and reviewing a number of potential replacement suppliers, Millipore’s management, based on Hudson Poly Bag’s excellent reputation with its customers, asked us to review and quote on their packaging requirements.

The need for a higher moisture barrier was identified and defined by Hudson Poly Bag during a plant visit. Recommendations were written into packaging specifications and submitted to the Millipore team for review. Senior executives from Millipore visited and inspected Hudson Poly Bag’s manufacturing facilities.

Hudson Poly Bag executives explained and demonstrated how their knowledge of contaminant free manufacturing and printing, coupled with the attention given to understanding and acting on the needs of customers, would prevent and eliminate problems Millipore had been experiencing with their previous supplier of plastic packaging materials.

As a result of its demonstrated record of caring for customers and expertise in manufacture of plastic packaging materials, Hudson Poly Bag won the Millipore management team’s endorsement and became Millipore’s primary flexible packaging supplier for its medical filter business. This relationship has now lasted well over twenty years!

To quote the purchasing director: “Hudson Poly Bag continues to provide high quality product, on schedule. Flexible plastic packaging is no longer a problem for us. They provide quick delivery, high quality, and a positive attitude in their sales service department that makes it a pleasure to deal with Hudson Poly Bag….”

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