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LiFoam Manager’s Letter

July 31, 2002

Mr. Jim Chapman
Hudson Poly Bag, Inc.
578 Main St.
Hudson, MA 01749

Dear Jim,

On July 26th, 2002 we received an order for 43,000 Brick 12’s to be delivered on August 1st. This is the largest order Tech Pak has received on this particular item. After reviewing our stock of Brick 12’s and poly bags, I found that we would be okay on the foam but we would be short approximately 5,000 on the poly bags. I called your office and spoke to Pat Ferrera (knowing that you were on vacation) and I made a request. That request was to have Hudson Poly Bag produce 50,000 Brick 12 bags, 5,000 of which to be delivered A.S.A.P., and the remainder shortly after that and not in the normal three to four week lead time. As to no surprise to myself, Hudson Poly Bag not only stepped up to the plate and produced the 5,000 bags in less that a week but the entire order will be delivered within that time frame (less than one week)

Jim, your company has bailed me out again. The professionalism that this request was handled with is beyond expectation and belief. All of your staff, from your switch board operator to your planner to your shipper should be commended with the highest praise.

Hudson Poly Bag is by far the best and most dependable vendor that I deal with. I know I have met you and we have a great relationship together, but at some point in the near future, I would like to visit Hudson Poly Bag and thank each person responsible for making this request happen.

As always regards,

John D. Chronis
Tech Pak Solutions, Inc.
Director of Purchasing

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