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LiFoam Industries Division of Life-Like Products, Inc. has been a customer of Hudson Poly Bag for 10 years through three different owners. The current owners purchased Tech Pak in December 2005. The company manufactures polystyrene foam shipping systems using 14 injection molding machines, gel packs and freezer packs. They are also a corrugated reseller so as to supply complete shipping packages to the seafood, specialty food and Biomedical industries. Their facility is 100,000 square feet and employs 40-55 personnel, depending on the season.

Hudson Poly Bag supplies the printed poly bags for the freezer bags that are used exclusively for the Biomedical shipping packages. When these bags are filled and sealed, water is inside the bags and obviously, they cannot leak. Hudson Poly Bag supplies a special proprietary blend of materials to enhance the leakproof properties of our water bags. When the new management took control from the previous owners, they evaluated Hudson Poly Bag’s performance, quality and pricing, ultimately deciding to retain us as their supplier.

Since 2000, Hudson Poly Bag and now LiFoam have developed a partnership. At Hudson Poly’s suggestion, the existing printing format was modified from a registered print to a continuous random print resulting in a substantial cost savings, due to increased productivity.

The increased productivity had the additional benefit of allowing Hudson Poly Bag to respond to Tech Pak’s seasonal demands much faster. Tech Pak stocks a reasonable amount of printed bags and finished freezer packs to respond to their normal demand, adjusted seasonally. However, frequently large unanticipated orders appear out of nowhere, and Hudson Poly Bag has consistently been able to supply product on an expedited basis to meet the demands.

John D. Chronis, Director of Purchasing, wrote in a letter expressing appreciation for the rapid response:

“…your company has bailed me out again. The professionalism that this request was handled with is beyond expectation and belief. All of your staff, from your switchboard operator to your planner to your shipper should be commended with the highest praise.”

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John has also been very appreciative of our quality record. To date we have shipped 2.5 million water bags without a leaker.

Update: In 2006, due to marketing reasons and customer requests, the bag format was switched to include a bar code on the back of the bag with a registered print.

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